The morning fog lifts as the smell of damp earth fills my nostrils. I step from the gypsy wagon, barefoot, sole to sod. I watch as the last of the will-o-wisp's dance into the forest and out of sight. The dog beneath the wagon yawns with enthusiasm as I stretch. I pull up my sleeves ready to begin the day when out of nowhere a mushroom capped gnome appears, the top of his red and white speckled hat barely cresting my bosom. His white beard hangs nearly to his feet and his eyes... they peer into my very soul. Then with a wink he is gone. I stare dumbfounded at the letter in my hand. What could it be I wonder?
No doubt I would have stood there forever had a tattooed frog not jumped on my foot and ribbeted loud enough for my heart to flitter right out of my chest.
I picked up the frog and set him on the steps of the wagon, then sat down next to him, and tore into the letter. In gold writing it simply stated.

"Traveler between the realms, we wish you to share a cup of tea with us."

I was a bit confused who? and what? and where? But I didn't have much time to consider this because the frog croaked again and a shower of glittering light spun about the whole wagon, horse, dog, and self included. Just as quickly as it had began though, it was over, and we were in a whole different meadow, or perhaps the same, just from a different view.

Rainbow colored streamers hung from tree limbs, and market stalls were in abundance. The frog too had somehow either transformed or his Oni Demon tattoo was popular, for now a half naked man stood before me. His skin looked as if the leaves he had strode by had brushed his skin with their color. He placed a hand to my cheek, and kissed the other, leaving a bit of the green streaked for all to see, then he backed into the forest with a finger to his lips in silent plea.

What would the family think? I would soon find out, as it was time to wake them.

A Time for Tea

"My love," I cried as I burst back into the wagons cabin, "Awake".
"Go away" he groaned as I pulled the sheets from his body.
"Oh no you don't Asamoth, for I have a fascinating site for you to see."
"Fine I'm up." He begrudgingly answered sitting up.

A tug at my skirts caused me to turn.
"Mommy what's for breakfast?" My oldest child said in a sleepy voice. Her small toy lion still held against her chest.
"Well..." I began brushing her wild blonde hair from her eyes; but my thoughts had been broken by her sisters voice.
"Can we go there?" My second cried wide eyed as she stared through the windows of our wagon. She squished her face against the glass. "Pleaaaaaaaaaaase?"
"Go where," I questioned now moving towards the window as well. My husband joined my side.
"There!" she pointed in wonderment.

Out through the window I beheld an incredible sight. Just outside the merchant tents was a cluster of large oak trees. They provided the perfect setting and shade for the table that sat beneath. Even from the distance the wagon was at I could see the tablel was practically dripping with delectables. Teapots and cups sat helter skelter amongst the stacks of cookies, cakes, pastries and fruits. Chinease lanterns hung from the tree branches in jeweled tones that glowed soft against the darkness of the trees. I was becoming more and more engrossed in the scene as I saw people milling about towards the scene. Tall beautiful women with flowing gowns and wings of gossamer. Men in suits of greens, purples, teal's, stripes and polka dots. Wings and horns abounded. I pinched myself for fear that I must have fallen off the wagon, and hit my head in my sleep.

"Oucccchhhhh." I cried.
I rubbed my slightly sore arm now and began to stare back out the window when a knock at the wagon's door pulled me back to my thoughts. I looked to my husband.
"We're you expecting someone?"
He simply shook his head, and I reached for the top half of the door. I opened it slowly so it wouldn't hit whomever stood on our stoop. A gentleman was there in a black top hat and maroon coat. A silver vest was tucked beneath, and a small bouquet of flowers was tucked not only in the button hole of his coat, but also in a ring around his hat, tucked around a set of goggles with multiple.

"My lady," he cried, a swept his hat from his head and bowed so low his rounded nose nearly touched the ground.

In his sweeping gesture I took the rest of him he wore fingerless gloves in a maroon as well with a few rings on his fingers, and instead of pants he wore shorts his socks were held up with leather sock garters. The socks themselves were a light brown and black diamond pattern and his shoes tied the look all together with swirls of maroon and brown on the black leather. I was slightly in awe because he had quite a look that resembled the Mad Hatter from Wonderland. I must have mumbled this beneath my breath, for once he stood straight up, he answered my question.

"No my dear, I am not that Hatter from Wonderland. This is not even there in fact. I am Reginald M. Hatter of Nevermoore. True many have called me mad, however I like to think of myself as eclectic more than mad."

His accent had a hint of London with the attitude of a New Yorker. I held an apology on my lips, but he simply silenced my unspoken words with his finger upon my nose.

"I can see the mistake, it happens all the time. The Mad Hatter is my cousin, and still lives in Wonderland, which is mearly a hop skip and jump from here. I have come to escort you and your family to tea, my dear. For I would be a rude host to not escort you personally."

My husband had come to my side by now, and the children peaked out from around the curtains of the door. They had awoken their little sister by now and she simply peered up and me with big blue eyes. Barely talking she simply stated, "Num, num?"

"Of course," I said and scooped her up into my arms and opened the door to what wonderment awaited us.

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