Tea Parties

Tea time, has long been a tradition among the societies of old. Those places which still hold forgotten secrets, and paths through the veil to Nevermoore. It was after all an invitation from the Nevermoorian's to a family whose hearts were filled with longings for the forgotten ways and a glimpse of the fey that brought the Realm of Nevermoore into the light. What better way to honor the exsistance of a land we thought extinct that with that ritual of tea? This will no doubt entice the fey to join us mortals in an interlude though brief it may be. For tea parties contain all of the things that keep the fey alive. The items they love and cherish the most such as vivid colors, and celebrations, children and sweets as well of tales of themselves. 

Be sure to check here for when our next tea party will occur. For they will be held annually at the least.

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