Monday, January 7, 2013

Mormon Monday

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How's everyone doing on those New Year resolutions?

Good I am hoping. All is well here. Managed to get everything organized and planned out accordingly, now just to keep this momentum up through the rest of the year. :D

So for Mormon Monday's I am going to be sharing the things I have learned through my previous week's scripture study as well as posting questions, so please feel free to interact with me. I will also be posting some Family Home Evening ideas as they come to mind, and perhaps even a quick comic sketch of things that I may relate to, or things that stand out to me while reading.

I will be focusing on the Book of Mormon as well as Doctrine and Covenants (D&C, we're studying this in Sunday School) for now, but will let you know if I change it.

Again, it is not my intent to cause hard feelings, or confusion, just to open doorways for communication.

So in Sunday school this week, we discussed the introduction to D&C as well as a few of the sections. I personally have found this fascinating as I haven't studied D&C on my own before now. (And really it has been years since I've dusted off my scriptures and read them-but keeping with my resolution of spiritual enlightenment I am now).

The main thing I found so impressionable was that D&C is modern revelation, and (this is the kicker for me) it is meant for ALL PEOPLE and I quote, " Although most of the sections are directed to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the messages, warnings, and exhortations are for the benefit of all mankind, and contain an invitation to all people everywhere to hear the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ," (D&C, explanatory introduction). How amazing and wonderful for me to find out, and to encourage my heart and mind that I am doing the right thing in my spiritual journey and wanting to share with you all.

In the Book of Mormon, I read all through the introduction as well as 1 Nephi Chapters 1-7.

One of the things that sticks out most in my mind is the unwavering faith that Nephi has. What great faith that has to take, even before he sees angels of the Lord, Nephi's father would ask him to do something and he did because he trusted in his father and his fathers beliefs.

With children of my own, I can only pray that I will raise my children correctly and that they will turn out as obedient.

The other thing that stands out is Laman and Lemuel's rebellion. I can only picture them in modern time as teenagers going "Now what did he forget?" for the times they had to go back to Jerusalem and retrieve things. Again, with children I can understand from a certain aspect where they were coming from, but once an angel had shown himself to them. Sorry guys, now your just being deliberately hard headed. I do have a rough sketch in mind for this and will add it later.

I look forward to hearing your opinions on the subject, and hope I haven't bored you with my ramblings.

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