Monday, June 17, 2013

Welcome to Summer

So I know many of you must think that I took another Hiatus. Well sort of...I'm working on moving to beautiful Washington state, and on top of that Summer has begun, and I have been a bit tied up with college, and trying to make sure I spent tons of time with my kiddos.

My husband and I made a welcome to summer sign for the kids to run through when they came home. They were excited about it, but kept trying to duck under it instead of just running through it. My neat freak kids (we're talking about kids who try to open birthday and Christmas gifts with scissors to save the paper though. At least they are frugal).
The below photo is what met them on the steps.
Those are fluffy stuff snowballs in the red metal bucket. My husband and father were waiting on them out back with additional snowballs and water bombs. Both of which can be found on my Pinterest page Successful Kiddo projects here.
The kids had a blast, and everyone ended up covered snowball dust, or drenched from the water bombs. To play like no one is watching is a wonderful feeling and truly makes you get in touch with your inner child again.
So as always, I encourage you to go make your own magic, and get in touch with your inner kid. He/She is longing to get out and show you just how happy you can truly be.

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