Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Power of Pretend

Has it been over a month since I wrote to you my duckies? I am so terribly sorry. That is what happens though when you wander in Nevermoore. One can never tell when they will get back... Especially if there is tea to be had.

With Halloween fast approaching and the little one's running around trying to figure out what they will be for the Holiday. I am left with my thoughts and pondering of who determines what it is to be an adult? Certainly not me. To be an adult now is the same as it was to be an adult when I was little...You can do whatever you want.

Now I have diligently tried to lead you back down the road to becoming a kid again, with simple steps. In the end however it all boils down to one thing. You have to pretend again.

We all pretend to a certain degree. We daydream at work of the cute little cabana at the beach where we would sip on something cold...and for some of us it would always be 5'oClock somewhere. The mountains we would climb, the horses...(*ahem Unicorns*) we would ride off into the sunsets.

But this is not what I am referring to my darlings. What I mean is really pretend again! When you were a kid, did you ever want to something really awesome? I don't just mean a police man, or a firefighter...those are attainable with a little hard work...Well let's be honest! Anything we dream can be attainable with a little hard work.

Okay, so what I mean is did you ever want to be Batman? Or Superman able to fly and have laser vision? No....Some kind of mutant, like Jean Gray, or Wolverine?

 Guess what...The beauty of being an adult is that we can go back and revisit those things just like our kids do. And it will make play time all the more fun with them if Dad or Mom is a super-hero right beside them. Or a super villain that they can vanquish. (I mean come on... most of us in our childhood wished we could vanquish our parents, so why not have a little fun with it.)

This for me is what Nevermoore is built on, and will continue to be built upon. I hope to provide you with a world to escape through with books, and play food, and sketches that will capture your imagination again. I will be re-launching my Etsy store Friday 10/11/13. And hope you all will join me.

The blog will becoming more focused on the progress of new items for the store as well as my journey in and out of Nevermoore through the written word, and I am truly excited for you to meet the characters that run around in my head all day.  It is about time I give them a bit more leg's getting a bit cramped up there.

Now you just have to remember that Pretend and Imagination is the secret. For if you can conquer these you truly have the Power...For this is where the Magic lies.

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