Wednesday, February 12, 2014

When you Wish Upon A Star

It has been months since my last update. I apologize sincerely. Holidays and living in a separate state than my husband is anything short of distracting. I promise I will try to do much better this year.

So what do I have for you lovelies today?

Wishing Stars!

For the new year, my girls and I decided to make Wishing Stars. Now these are the same as the origami Lucky Stars, but I thought why not make a wish, write it on the inside and make it a Wishing Star? At the end of the year we are planning on opening the stars back up and see if our wishes came true.

 We made ours with left over holiday Christmas wrapping paper, and yes, before you even ask, this stuff get's glitter everywhere. But we're a glitter, sparkle, fantastical kind of family, so no harm. ;D

Now I cut my wrapping paper into strips about 2 inches x 40 inches. This way I had larger stars. The paper itself is rather thin, so you may want to back it with another layer of paper, perhaps kraft paper or something slightly thinner just to give your star some stability. (Trust me, your stars will puff better if you have a slightly stiffer paper.) You could always add about 20 inches to the length as well and it will achieve the same purpose.

So supplies needed:
  • scissors
  • wrapping paper, or kraft paper, or even star paper (if you want small stars) these can be found all over, but I like to order some of my pretty star papers from here plus they have glow-in-the-dark. (I love Etsy don't you?)
  • Ruler. - I used a quilting ruler due to length, and the fact that I had it handy, but this is not a necessity.
Steps: (after paper preparation...cutting strips)

Now I'm not going to try and re-invent the wheel to much here. A fabulously easy tutorial for these stars can be found here. I am enclosing a few photos though of my own, to give a quick tutorial if you don't feel like clicking through to a different site.
  1. Write your wish on the back of your paper strip.
  2. Tie paper in a knot. WHAT? I know, this part can be a little tricky. Don't pull to tight, just get it to where the edges line up, and then smoosh (technical term). Flatten out the paper and you should have a pentagon shape. Try to keep the knot off to one side, and just fold the extra in the back over, you'll wrap it up later.
  3. Now begin wrapping over...
    4. and over...
    until you are left with about this much of a tail.

5. Tuck the tail under the V shaped opening like this. Continue to slide the paper into the star until snug.
 6. Last but not least press the sides of the star in towards itself gently. Your star should begin to puff up and you will be left with a puffy star.

Simple right? (Don't worry if you don't get it correct at first, it took me a little bit of practice before I figured it out on the small paper let alone jumbo sized).

Good luck with your stars. <3

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