Sunday, May 15, 2011

30 Day Challenge

So first. Let me apologize for forgetting to post reminders about the upcoming 30 day challenge. Plus I fell off the boat in posting my own creations. So today you get three times the photos. :D Also, the rules of this particular challenge can be found under the challenges and contests page.

Day one: Unfortunatley, not the most creative for me, I worked on some rough sketches for my Army Ants book, that is with an agent. Hoping to get the sketches done before their book conference in New York, but I don't know if it is going to happen. I'll keep my fingers crossed. So here is a photo of day one's creativity.

Day Two: Resulted in much more creativity, even if my husband says I cheated because I helped my daughter on a project. It's still being creative. : )~  We made a tamborine out of recycled pizza boxes, and a soda box. Then filled it with beans to rattle. Painted it black, my daughter cut out a moon and star shapes, then we sealed the whole thing with a coat of Sparkle Mod Podge. Tied some eyelash yarn around with beads, and that's that. See the photo below.

Day Three: So far my favorite day. I created a hat, for a surprise I am planning for next Mother's Day. I know that is a way's off, but I figure maybe if I begin planning it now, I will have everything ready within a year. LOL. So I began with a plain white velor plastic party top hat, I had left over from my girls Un-Birthday celebration. I cut circles from masking tape for the bubbles and then sprayed the hat with Ritz fabric dye in green and blue. Then removed the masking tape circles once the dye had dried. I had my daughter show me how to create tissue paper flowers (Because it has been to long for me since elementary and I forgot how to make them), then added ribbon. Presto chango, boring white plastic hat, to tea party worthy hat.

I hope you enjoy my first three days of creativity. Please feel free to share what you are creating. Oh and just a P.S. I am considering doing a how-to possibly on you-tube, or even step by step by pictures. If there is any interest. Please let me know, as I would love to share my creative insanity with you. It can be contagious if exposed to the right elements.

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