Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 5 & 6: 30 Day Challenge

I'm going to do this a bit different today, and put day six first since it is the freshest in my mind. So day six is another bracelet. I made it for my daughter. The beads are made from paper scraps. You take long triangle strips, wrap around a bamboo skewer starting with the fat side rolling toward the skinny, (think crescent rolls) add a tad of glue, and wait to dry. For added durability you can add a paper glaze, or a mod podge to the outside. Here are the results.

For day five, I began work on a ruined tower with blocks made from castlemolds, from Hirst Arts. These are similar to the Dungeon pieces I am selling on my Etsy store. I am so excited with how this piece is turning out. It is still not finished, but I have started on it, and have the finished piece done in my head. The tree was entirely hand shaped from ultra light Fimo clay. Then painted. The broken blocks were all hand busted with a hammer and flat head screwdriver to give it the ruined appearance. I hope you enjoy.

Here are the before shots, after I just finished cooking the piece in the oven to set up the clay.

And here are the shots, after I added the paint and touch up's to the tower.

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