Monday, October 29, 2012


Again! I know, I know... when am I ever going to get with the program and stick to something. Hahaha, well eventually. Over the next week or two (as nothing ever seems to go as I plan it) I will be making some changes to the blog. I will be re-vamping the extra pages, and I think adding the intro's up to some of my work's in progress. I am also changing the content of my blog posts. I've finally figured out exactly what I want to write to you all about that is just as meaning-full and important to me as it will hopefully be for you. Instead of the jumping around I tend to do now, I will be walking the path with you through my Nevermoore. Or a journey together on how to keep the fantasy and "child like wonder" that we had in our youth alive and well on into our adult hood.

While I was growing up, at least as a small child I was constantly told that I could be anything I wanted to be. I'm sure this is true for everyone, but what changes between that time of child-like awe that we have and those teenage years? Something changes and everyone forgets that the true happiness is found in those small things. The wonder of the leaves changing colors or a grasshopper jumping on your foot. Once we become teenagers it seems as if the focus changes from being happy to what do we need to do to make money. Well in short, remain happy! How many times have we been told that the most successful people are the ones who find a job or career that they are happiest doing? So why is it when an artist or a writer say's that's what I want to do with my life that we are met with the most resistance? To be honest, I don't know the answer to this question. I can tell you this DO NOT become so engrossed with trying to make others happy that you forget to make yourself happy.

I have done a bit of soul searching, and realized that as a child what I most wanted to do with my life was be taken away by fairies and see how they lived. I wanted to run with elves in trees and fly with Peter Pan to Neverland. Through that soul searching I found that that hasn't changed. I still hope that Peter Pan will fly to my window and knock, or that the Doctor will run into me in the middle of the street and say "Run for your life the Dalek's are coming!" and then give me a key to the Tardis when we save the Earth together. But sometimes we have to make that happen, it isn't just happen-stance. This is why I opened the doorway to Nevermoore so that I could go anywhere I wanted in my adorable gypsy wagon. I can be whomever I choose when I go, and bring whomever I like. So in my own way I am a bit of a Doctor myself with a touch of Peter Pan in that ageless childlike state. Though there is no room for us "adults" in Neverland there is room in Nevermoore for you all. Just focus your eyes on the first star to the right, walk through the veil and return with your own tale to tell.

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