Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial - A Pinspired Project

So I promised a tutorial on how to make your own little Christmas Dragon, or an anytime dragon for that matter. As the title says this is a Pinspired Project, so my inspiration comes from Pintrest and some simple yet cute gator/crocodile clothes pins. I saw them and instantly thought of dragons so this is my take on them and I hope the tutorial is fairly simple to follow. As you can see above, my daughters (8 and 9) made a fleet or army of dragons if you will in about 2 hours.

Step 1: Gather your supplies

~ wooden clothes pins
~ acrylic paint your choice of colors we used plain and metallic (The metallic turns out very dragon-esque without adding scales)
~Googly eyes (I used the smallest I could find)
~Craft foam
~Thin point permanent pen
~*extra materials for your decorating pleasure*
        ribbons, beads, ultra fine glitter, fabric paint, stamps, 
        feathers, etc.

Step 2: Prepare work area

~ lay down newspaper to protect surfaces

Step 3: Paint clothes pins with acrylic paint

~This will take a couple of coats 2-3 depending on how much paint you use on each coat

Step 4: Dragon wings and Tails
~ Cut out and trace the dragon wing
template, or design your own wings
Step 5: Affix Dragon wings and googly
eyes with your choice of fixative
Step 6: Decorate your dragons wings with
wing marks ( I used glue and ultra fine
glitter), or feathers. Draw scales, or add
beads. Allow your dragon to speak to
you on how he/she should be bedazzled.

Step 7: Allow to dry then enjoy. Use your dragon as an ornament, or added to a package in place of a bow and as a double duty gift, or add a ribbon and have him/her be the Guardian of the Cards.

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