Monday, February 25, 2013


Being born and raised in the sunny (albeit frequently liquid sunny) state of Florida I never understood the wonderful cold flakes falling from the sky known as snow. Then my family and I were shipped overseas to Germany with the military and I found the beauty of that powdery wonderful fluffy cold stuff. I lucked out and had a white Christmas while there, and have been addicted ever since.

Here in Arizona though snow is again a rarity, and is usually only seen on the mountains.

But at the beginning of last week on Monday we were treated to white flakes out of a fairly clear sunny sky. We went into my daughters doctors appointment being able to see somewhat green trees and parking lot and came out to find a white blanket covering everything.

So beautiful, I watch the snowflakes fall, so graceful in it's decent. But my thoughts are broken by the grumble of a curmudgeon.

"Oh Lord! Oh Lord! Look at this mess." The lady cried rushing to her vehicle.

Mess. I thought What mess? How can they go through their lives and not see the beauty and magic of snow? Do they not see the fairies that flitter amongst the branches? Wrapped in woollen coats tossing tiny snowballs at those passing by?

These of course are my instant thoughts as I watch the snow and here those Negative Nancy's (no offense if your name is Nancy) with their complaints and nay says.

Always in touch with my inner child I suppose whenever I see it fall. I love the snow it falls and I want to fall into it to make snow angels. I want to dump baskets of it on myself just to pretend its snowing. Build 10ft snowmen and have snowball fights till it's dark and I'm so cold I have to be thawed out by a gallon of hot chocolate, chicken noodle soup and a long hot soak in a tub filled to capacity with glorious white bubbles that remind me of that glorious snow.

Then I was treated again this week to a practical blizzard of rarity in our neighboring town. Went into a store for lunch with a cloudy sky, came out trying to avoid the onslaught of a fairy snowball attack. Of course once I was in the safety of the nice warm car I was immediately accosted by a snowball to the face by my loving husband, but despite trying to avoid being covered in snow outside. I truly reveled in it's beauty. It's rarity in this neck of the woods, (well cactus) so to speak.

Now the snow is gone, and as always I'm left wanting more.

So until it comes again I will find ways to experience that childlike wonder again. I will relive it over and over after looking at the photographs, and every once in a while throwing a bit of flour or powdered sugar up in the air to let it snow down on my head. ;)

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