Monday, July 1, 2013

Cephalopods and Book reviews: Brian Kesinger

Evening post for you all today and a book reveiw of a more specialty styled book from Brian Kesinger called Walking you Octopus a Guidebook to the Domesticated Cephalopod .

I fist discovered Mr. Kesinger's work when I was considering entering a T-shirt conest for We Love Fine. I believe it had been a steampunk contest, and his entry was a piece I just fell in love with called Walkies for Otto. Needless to say, I felt my own art doodles were not quite up to par with his, and I chickened out and didn't enter. Shame on me...But sometimes that happens...Okay let's be honest, most times that happens. Be I'm working on it. I double dog... pinky promise...swear to you.

Now I wanted to wait to share this particular book review with you until after I had completed one of the hats for my sisters Hats for the Hearts project so I could couple them together...similar themes and all, more info here.

 Brian Kesinger is well know for his animation, writings, and art work with Disney for over 15 years, but perhaps he is much more well known for his creation of the Tea Girls quite often featuring the lovely Victora and Otto. His work can be found here as well as on DeviantArt and Facebook.

His first book Walking Your Octopus a Guidebook to the Domesticated Cephalopod is an adorable story for children, and of course the child at heart as well.
Now while the idea of having an octopus or any cephalopod may seem a bit silly, you have to use your imagination, and if you have ever attended or plan to attend any type of Steampunk or Cosplay event you know that this is not that strange of an occurrence.
I absolutely love the copy of Walking Your Octopus from the time I opened it from it's hardback cover (yes I know, I'm a bit of a book snob) to the metal corners, and Mr. Kesinger's signature inside. I felt at first that the book was a bit of an odd size and photos of the book are a bit deceiving. It is a rather strange length for a book measuring in at 7" x 14", but once you open an understanding on the size dawns on you as his work is showcased wonderfully well on the more panoramic styled pages.
In regards to the content of the book, I found that it makes a quick read for bedtime stories as well as an educational experience. I know, I see a few doubters and naysayers in the crowd saying "how is a book on having an Octopus for a pet actually educational?", but just give me the benefit of the doubt.
The book covers points on how you should train and raise your Cephalopod, everything from feedings, and bath routines, to training, habitats, a few fun facts and my favorite the very last page which covers ensuring you and your pet get enough sleep. Though Mr. Kesinger has written each of these items as if the Victorian Gentleman or Lady were raising his/her own Cephalopod each item truly can be related to any type of pet and makes a wonderful addition to the home library.

Now if you like the adorable cephalopod hoodie, or Scoofie as I should say, the pattern is available through the PinkAvenger on Etsy. I did make adjustments in the fact that instead of crocheting the eyes and suckers I added buttons, so I changed the pattern a bit to suit myself.
Also please remember that Google will be dropping the Google reader portion of Blogger tomorrow 7/2/13, so if you would like to keep receiving my feed, or even if you haven't followed me yet, but would like to you need to find a third party app. Personally I have switched over to BlogLovin, and I know several of the blogs that I follow have as well.
I'm off for now to don a Cephalopod on my head and have tea with my fabulous little darlings so until we meet again don't be afraid to let you inner child out to play. I promise the sandbox is big enough for all. 

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