Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fictional Bucket List

Ever think to yourself I watch too much television? Ha! Well I know I probably watch a bit too much, but it just gets my imagination flowing even more, and sometimes you just have to have a break from all the fresh air. Well okay, so sometimes it's raining here in beautiful Washington state, so I get caught up on all of my favorite shows. :D
So my fist pick would be Castle on ABC. Now Castle was actually my Captain before he was Castle, love Firefly, and I still think it's a shame they cancelled that show, but unfortunately it seems to happen far to often to the good ones. But I digress...
I simply love the chemistry between Beckett and Castle on the show. They simply feed off of one another's energy. While Castle does have some crazy theories at the beginnings of each episode they always solve the case together by the end. Though it's a fictional show, I would love to work with them toward catching the baddies.
Though this may never occur, it's definitely going on my bucket list and who knows...perhaps I could write some interesting spin off fan fiction based on some of those far fetched theories of Castles.

Another favorite television show of mine would simply have to be Once Upon a Time. Though I am a bit behind missing all of Season 2 (thank goodness it comes out in August) I would still love to just jump right in the television and help Henry with Operation Cobra. Wouldn't you?

Now since I am a serious bookworm, you didn't think I was going to forget about books I would like to jump into did you.  I mean if I had a super power, I would really want it to be the ability to jump inside any book and live it just like it was real life.

Now one of my favorite series would have to be the Chronicles of Narnia. I was just tickled to death when they released new movies of the Narnia books, and thought they did an amazing job. I only hope they will eventually release the rest of the series. So on to my last fictional bucket list item for today.

What about you. Do you have any fictional bucket list items? I would love to hear about them, and even create an image for your Pinterest bucket list like the ones above. Until next time. Don't be afraid to let that child-like imagination show, and DREAM.

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