Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A visitor from Nevermoore

It was a dark and stormy night when there came a rap, rap, rapping at my door... (Okay, so it was a bright windy sunny day, but doesn't the other make a much more interesting beginning?) Back to the tale. Busy was I at my crafting tasks, undecided as to what I should create for day six of my 30 days of creativity, when a rap, rap, rapping broke my thoughts. I hastened to the door, and what did I find, but a baby Raven in much despair, staring at me with his soft black eyes. A friend had found him outside on the sidewalk, and knowing our love of animals brought him to us.

I stared back into his dark eyes, and in a voice much like that of Antonio Banderas, pleaded: "Please, my lovely lady of Nevermoore. I beseech thee to take me in until I can recover from my mishap with el Gato."

Of course I took him in, who can refuse Antonio Banderas. ; D

My friend had no idea at the importance of this particular Raven, for he whispered his name only to me. 

"Percival, the great messanger of Airẽnatlica. The Serepherim's blessed me upon my hatching. Unfortunatley I was a bit too cocky and when I stepped to the edge of my nest I slipped quite ungracefully and fell through the Veil to Earth. That was when I met el Gato, daughter of el Diablo himself. It is a shame, I must say, for she was quite a beauty, with such a silky cream coat. I feared that I had startled her, but when I begged amends she batted me with outstreatched claw, and bared her teeth at me. I tell you though, she got my tail feathers, but I beat the boots off of Puss. I must admit, this was quite new, as normally I have no trouble at all with the ... ladies."

By this time, my friend had become quite tired and nestled himself down in the crook of my arm where he received a well deserved kiss from an adoring princess.

He went to sleep and has been recovering with us since. Many tales he has related to us of Nevermoore, and we tell him tales of Earth here. Eventually we know he will bid us adieu, and he has said as much, but I believe he is waiting for nicer weather as it has in truth turned dark and dreary outside our window.

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