Friday, June 10, 2011

Etsy Craft Night

So, tonight is Etsy's craft night. Whatever crafts you want to do. All night long. Unfortunately I have no buddies near me that may be participating, so it will be me and the girls, as daddy will be at a buddies playing D&D. Soooooooo. If anyone would like to participate long distance, I'll be online off and on all night long. Feel free to play the music loud, and cover the floor with paper, fabric, beads and glitter. ;D

Need some inspiration to get you going. I made this little mouse for a larger project that I will be doing, and will possibly be offering some on Etsy in the future.

Isn't she adorable. My inspiration was a little pincushion but you had to purchase the pattern, while it was a reasonable price, I figured I could make it myself, so I did. The pattern needs some tweaking, but perhaps, I will offer it as a freebie when I get it right.

So, Hope to see your crafties. Feel free to comment, and add links showing off your blog, and crafts.

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