Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fictional Bucket List

So a while back I began creating a Bucket list of all the places in the world I would love to visit before I die. Things I would love to see in person or do. Of course I placed this on my Pinterest page, because where else would I put it? ;D Then I created an additional list of Bucket List Kickers so I could move the things over that I want to accomplish once they were accomplished.

Pretty plain and simple, and a great way to keep a log. But then it occurred to me. I spend so much time in my fantasy worlds, what if I could do anything I wanted to, but in all actuality could never accomplish. What if I had the power to jump inside of books, and movies?

Well I ended up beginning to create my own Fictional Bucket List for just that purpose.

True, I will never be able to do any of these things, but it is a way to help me remember my dreams, and isn't that what helps keep us child like? The ability to imagine?

So here are the ones I have created thus far, feel free to use them for your own fictional bucket lists.


So until next time...Remember to keep the magic alive and become childlike with wonder a new.






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