Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's Not A ...

What better way to re-awaken that childhood magic than to remember the things we did as a child. When I was a kid, my parents tell me that I used to run around the yard with a large stick yelling "I am She-Ra, Princess of Power!" Which my dad would promptly follow up with, "It's going to be Power of Stick if you don't quit running around with that." Of course I didn't, and some how managed to not puncture anything and I still have both my eyes.

This of course got me to thinking of some of the best memories that I had as a child, and some of the best ones I've made with my children with the simplest of items such as boxes and sticks. Which brings us to a couple of my favorite books by Antoinette Portis, Not A Box, and Not A Stick.

First a little on the author: Antoinette Portis attended the UCLA of fine arts and is a former creative director at Disney Consumer Products. This is the only information I have found on Ms. Portis but if you would like to visit her site click on her photo above.

Not A Box is exactly what it sounds like. It's a very simple book which tells us the many things a Box can be used for such as a race car, or a mountain. Just a little bit of imagination and a box can become anything.

The illustrations are very simple which enhances the message of using your imagination. It is also a quick story for those really busy days when you want to read your child a story, and don't think you have time to. It is also a book that can spark creativity and a project for you and your child.

For one of my daughters birthdays, we actually took large boxes and created Star War's Pod-Racers from the boxes, and then all of the kids took turns racing them.

 The next book I was so excited to find because I had loved the first book, and of course with my own memories of play with my stick sword.

Similarly to the first, it is a very simple book that details what a stick can become with a little bit of imagination. Such as a sword or a fishing pole. It also has the same simple styling's, and again is a really quick read, and your children will remember that you took the time to read to them, no matter how long or short the story was.

Now I haven't given to much of the stories away because they are really short and quick, but sometimes it is the simplest things that stick with the heart the longest.
So I encourage you to pick up one of the above books, and allow it to lead your imagination to your own creations, and remember to keep that childhood magic alive until next we meet.

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